THIEF VS POLICEYou enjoyed playing Police VS Thief ? Then what about switching the roles and, this time, being on the other side of the law ? Instead of playing a policeman chasing some random thief, you’ll become the thief himself ! How amazing is that ? 
Drive as fast as you can, and be the best pilot ever : police forces are right behind you, and they wont let you go away that easily !
While you are being chased through the whole city by relentless police forces, your objective is quite simple : escape them, whatever it takes ! The pursuit is now on, and they are only two endings : your arrest, or your escape !
Like in every american-like high speed car chase, our game will throw you in epic and amazing high speed pursuits. Adrenaline, vehicles driving at top speed, crashes and accidents, the action is nervous, and full of challenge !
Who never, indeed, dreamed about these high speed car chases one can see in this shows available on television, in which one witness spectaculary high speed pursuits, which can even last for hours ! This is what our game, Thief VS Police, offers : the sensations and the fun of breathless, challenging and realistic pursuits
You think your experience and your skills are high enough to escape the police forces ? Then, please test our game, and prove it to us, you might be surprised !
The main characteristics of our game :
- Dynamic gameplay
- Good quality graphics
- Increasing difficulty
- Many cars to play with
- Speed’s sensation, and nervous challenge
This game has been tested on :

- Samsung Galaxy S3
- Samsung Galaxy S4
- Samsung Galaxy S5
- Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
- Nexus 4
- Nexus July 2012
- Meizu MX 4
- JXD S7300
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