BattleHand v1.3.9 APK


BattleHand  Join the fight! Hire a team of heroes Unfold powerful attack your allies and infamous Queen Amethyst helpers in this exciting 3D role fighter, which you can play for free! 
Awful Queen rose from oblivion, and with it out of the ground to light FellKresta climbed vile creatures.But all is not lost! Forgotten heroes long ago horrifying villains with their swords and bows, are again ready to rush into battle in the name of honor and justice!
These brave elves, mages and fighters must find their ancient weapons, recall old combat spells and close ranks to defeat an army of malevolent Queen Amethyst.
Coming ... Get ready for an incredible adventure!
* The grand role-playing game full of strategy and battles, which can be downloaded for free.
* Recruit and prepare legendary heroes to win!
* Unlock and improve the unique movements for each character.
* A variety of battle modes, including tests "player vs. player "and modes of survival.
* Collect powerful cards, upgrade them and spend their evolution to create the perfect pack BattleHand.
* Dive into adventure in the mysterious land, open new locations and destroy the nasty creatures!
* perfects his combat strategy using the strengths and weaknesses of the elements of all the heroes and villains.
* Perform grand quests and earn smelly cheese and stardust!
* Stunning 3D animations and easy to use tactical combat.
WARNING: Playing BattleHand is completely free, but some additional in-game items can be purchased for real money. Disable purchases from within the app, you can see the settings of your device.
For the game requires an Internet connection.
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