Will Garena release Free Fire Max? This is the fact!

Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile games in the world, and its developer, Garena, frequently releases new updates to meet the demands of growing players. Perhaps the biggest demand for Free Fire players this time is more graphics. That said, Garena is currently working on a new version of the game called Free Fire Max. This will improve the overall graphics and visuals. This article describes everything SPIN Esports needs to know about the free Fire Max Beta.

Get to know Free Fire Max

Basically Free Fire Max version upgrade From the original Free Fire created to improve the gamer experience while playing this game. The game is built in another app and has more sophisticated graphics and animations.

Players can play with their original Free Fire account without needing a separate account to log in to Free Fire Max. These two versions of the player can also be played together, expanding the world of the game. Moreover, players in this game have no additional advantage over other players.

Why did Garena create Free Fire Max?

Free Fire was released about three years ago and had lower graphic options than other games of the time. Smartphones at the time weren’t that powerful and didn’t have a lot of RAM, so they needed lighter graphics.

But by 2020, midrange smartphones are already powerful enough to handle games that require high graphics. As a result, many players have begun to move to other games, and most players have graphics. We are migrating to the higher PUBG Mobile.

That’s why Garena decided to create a better version of Free Fire with great graphics, effects, and animations for the latest generation of devices.

Expected release date Vateria

Garena has no plans to release Free Fire Max in the near future, but players who want to try the game can sign up for the beta.

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The first phase of beta testing in Malaysia and Bolivia has been completed. And the second phase, called the Beta 2.0 test, has already started on June 24, 2020 in Malaysia, Bolivia and Cambodia and will continue until July 14, 2020. It can be accessed by selected users.

System requirements

Uniquely, you don’t need a smartphone with too high specs to play Free Fire Max. This game runs comfortably on smartphones with 2GB or more of RAM. For now, I don’t know how big this game is, but there is no doubt that information will be available when the game is released.

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