When will it be released? These 3 Heroes Are Stored in Mobile Legends Advanced Server

3 Mobile Legends heroes who are still on the Advanced Server


3 Mobile Legends heroes who are still on the Advanced Server

GridGames.ID – There are 3 newest heroes still waiting on Advanced Server Mobile Legends, they are Faramis, Khufra and Guinevere.

The three of them are still at home on the Advanced Server and it is not yet known when it will be officially released on the Original Server.

Even though they are still on the Advanced Server, these heroes also experience changes along with the patch update in the Mobile Legends game.

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Here are 3 heroes who still feel at home hanging out on the Advanced Server:

1. Faramis

Faramis Mobile Legends


Faramis Mobile Legends

Faramis, this Mage hero has appeared on the Advanced Server since the end of December 2021 after Badang was officially released on the Original Server of Mobile Legends.

The white-haired male hero initially came out as a Mage/Support role hero, but when the Advanced Server was updated several times, Faramis became a Mage hero with Initiator/Crowd Control specialties.

This Faramis was a magician who came from an area far away from the Moniyan Empire.

His ultimate can summon an altar that will last for 10 seconds. Uniquely, the hero of a team that was eliminated in this altar can be immediately resurrected for 10 seconds.

Will Faramis be able to become a scary hero mage in Mobile Legends if it is officially released on the Original Server?

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2. Khufra

Khufra Mobile Legends


Khufra Mobile Legends

After Faramis, Mobile Legends presents the hero Khufra which is only 1 week away from Faramis’ presence on the Advanced Server.

Khufra is a tank hero with a Crowd Control/Initiator specialty that comes along with the 1.3.42 update on Advanced Server Mobile Legends.

This tank hero is a greedy ruler, colder than ice, and greedy to an infinite extent.

Uniquely, Khufra has hands like elastic springs and has a scary face like the Joker character.

By looking at Khufra’s appearance, you definitely won’t think that this hero is a tank role hero.

Then, who else will be the next hero to be released?

3. Guinevere

Guinevere, the new hero of Mobile Legends


Guinevere, the new hero of Mobile Legends

Advanced Server Mobile Legends version 1.3.46 which was released in mid-January again presents a new hero figure with a role that has never existed before, namely Fighter/Mage.

Guinevere is a beautiful hero with a Charge/Burst Damage specialty, and it turns out that she is the sister of the assassin hero, Lancelot, you know!

This hero since the age of 10 has managed to combine mental perception with great energy and create various magical effects – Magic Superpower.

His ultimate, Violet Requiem, can fully release Guinevere’s super magic and deal Magic Damage.

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You can play the three heroes above for free to just review their mil skills on Advanced Server Mobile Legends.

Among the three heroes, which one are you waiting for the most, guys?


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