Unique! These 5 games are not selling well in Indonesia but are selling well abroad

GridGames.ID – Various games that are present in Indonesia are increasingly emerging and come from various types of games. Starting from MOBA, Arcade, survival, and many more.

Well, of all the games released in Indonesia, it turns out that there are still games that are not selling well in the market but are very popular abroad. How come, yeah?

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To know the answer, just check 5 games that are very popular abroad but don’t sell well in Indonesia.

1. Arena of Valor

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Unfortunately, this MOBA game doesn’t have many fans in Indonesia because it’s not competitive with Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

But abroad, this game is the best MOBA game with various heroes and also many tournaments held there.

In terms of appearance, the possibility of Mobile Legends Bang Bang is more interesting for you gamers Indonesia compared to this AOV.

2. Hearthstone

Hearthstone is an RPG game where playing cards with strategies and characters from the game World Warcraft.

Unfortunately in Indonesia this game is not selling well in the market. The complexity of this game is what makes this game less hype.

But in Indonesia they still do events this tournament for Heathstone fans.

3. Overwatch

Overwatch is a combination game between FPS and MOBA, of course, with unquestionably good graphics.

This game is included in eSports which is so popular overseas that many tournaments are held.

But in Indonesia, this game is not selling well in the market because you have to pay first to have this game.

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4. Fortnite

Games survival it has a very good level of graphics compared to PUBG, Rules of Survival, and others.

This game is less well known in Indonesia because not all types of cellphones can play this exciting game.

The rumors Fortnite can be played for all types of cellphones, it will definitely beat the game survival other.

5. World Warcraft

World Warcraft is an RPG game that was famous in Indonesia and has been download millions of people.

Unfortunately World Warcraft This game is less competitive with other RPG games in Indonesia, but this game is still popular abroad, you know.

Have you ever played the games above?


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