Two Clash Royale Tournaments Held Simultaneously at World Cyber ​​Games 2021

GridGamesID – This game from Clash of Clans (COC) has had a lot of fans since its release.

One of the reasons is that it doesn’t take long to wait for an upgrade like in a regular COC game.

In a few moments, Clash Royale immediately became a popular game and got its own esports tournament.

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Most recently, this game will be contested at the 2021 World Cyber ​​Games (WCG) in China.

World Cyber ​​Games 2021

Global Invent

World Cyber ​​Games 2021

Interestingly, in this WCG event there will be two Clash Royale tournaments held.

Here are the details.

First, there was a mini-tournament which was participated by several top teams from a number of regions, namely Asia, China and West.

Each region is represented by the three best teams based on the results of the Clash Royale League (CRL) Spring Season.

Representing the Asian region, there are PONOS, GameWith, and Chaos Theory teams.

From China represented by Nova Esports, LGD, and W.Edgm. Meanwhile, the West region was represented by Team Liquid, SK Gaming, and Immortal.

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This mini tournament will last 3 rounds. The first half will be a 1vs1 match, then the second half will be a 2vs2 match.

Closed with the last round with 1vs1. Later, the two best regions will be taken to enter the final round.

The second mini tournament was also held by featuring some of the best teams from 4 other regions, namely APAC, America, Europe, and China.

Each region will send 2 representatives in this tournament. This is the division.

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Oh yes, you can also watch some of the matches on WCG via streaming on the WCG Youtube and Twitch channels.


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