This is PUBG Mobile's eSports Development, with PMCO Global Finalists

GridGames.ID – Team RRQ Athena, Illuminate The Murder and Yoodo Gank were the teams that qualified for the PMCO Global Grand Final – Fall Split 2021.

The team came from Thailand for the RRQ and Illuminate teams. Meanwhile, the Yoodo Gank team came from the host country Malaysia.

Met, on November 29, 2021 at 20.00 UTC+8, by the GridGames team at Putra World Trade Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia about the development of eSports in the world and the PMCO Global tournament.

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Chat with the Illuminate The Murder team

Chat with the Illuminate The Murder team

The Illuminate The Murder team, spoke about the development of eSports in the world, “Currently eSports in Thailand is growing rapidly and hopes that eSports in Thailand can be better from year to year,” said Martin.

Meanwhile, the response from the Yoodo Gank team, “The world of eSports in Malaysia is said to have just emerged in 2021, unlike other countries that have developed in 2012 and we feel we are still new to launching in the world of eSports but we continue to want to grow” said , Manparang, Team Yoodo Gank.

Regional SEA sent 6 representative teams to PMCO Global and could be said to be the strongest regional.

In response, the RRQ Athena team regarding the strongest team at PMCO Global is their competitor team in Thailand, namely Mega Conqueror and Illuminate The Murder.

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Chat with the Yoodo Gank team from Malaysia

Chat with the Yoodo Gank team from Malaysia

“For the team that is feared at PMCO Global, the first is the RRQ Athena team and the second is the Bigetron eSports team,” said Illuminate Martin.

At the end of the season, the Yoodo Gank team, said that the strongest team in PMCO Global is the Bigetron eSports team.

Continue to support the team that competes in the most prestigious PUBG Mobile game tournament and don’t forget to watch the live streaming on the PUBG Mobile ID Youtube channel and PUBG Mobile Indonesia Facebook.

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