These are the Pro Player's 3 Favorite Heroes in the 2021 DPC Tournament, which is your favourite?

GridGames.ID – In every major Dota 2 tournament, it is almost certain that favorite heroes from the players will appear pro player frequently inpick in the competition.

This year’s DPC (Dota Pro Circuit) tournament also produces favorite heroes who are often playedpick by pro players.

After more than 3 weeks of running DPC 2021, several heroes from various roles have emerged who have become the favorite heroes of the fans pro player Dota 2.

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Some of the favorite heroes in the 2021 DPC tournament have even become subscriptions first pick and first ban in the majority of matches.

We need to know, between public matchmaking regular and professional tournaments have the same favorite hero who becomes meta or most effective tactics available.

In general, heroes meta in professional tournaments have the same high power and win rate as heroes meta in public matchmaking ordinary.

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Well, favorite heroes pro player which is being meta in the professional tournament earlier, you can use it as a valid reference for hero selection when playing ranked game.

Here are 3 favorite heroes pro player with pick rate highest in the 2021 DPC tournament:

1. Puck

Puck Dota 2


Puck Dota 2

Puck became the most favorite hero in the 2021 DPC tournament with pick rate 33.72% and has been inpick 121 times.

Puck’s popularity has peaked again thanks to talent tree fantastic, powerful Aghanim’s Shard upgrades and some buff another in skill.

Puck also has a pretty fantastic win rate of 59.03%.

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2. Mars

Mars Dota 2

Dota 2

Mars Dota 2

Mars has been picked 143 times in the 2021 DPC tournament, this figure is higher than Puck who only picked 121 times.

Mars’ popularity in tournaments is due to skillswhich is very useful when team fights.

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3. Nyx Assassin

Nyx Assassin Dota 2

Esports Tales

Nyx Assassin Dota 2

Nyx Assassin is the favorite hero in the 2021 DPC tournament with pick rate 27.17% and win rate as much as 57.76%.

In addition, Nyx Assassin also became first pick hero in 90% of his appearances in all 2021 DPC matches.

Nyx Assassin’s popularity can’t be separated from patch 7.28 which gives him quite a lot buff on skills and Aghanim Shard upgradehis.

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So, those were the 3 favorite heroes chosen by pro players in the 2021 DPC tournament, how about your favorite hero?


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