These are 5 female heroes in Mobile Legends that have a strong stun effect

GridGames.ID – Have you ever played Mobile Legends when you met an opponent whose hobby was running away?

Especially if their cellphones are already dying, it’s really annoying, they can still run away.

Actually, there’s a way to chase down a hero that’s hard to kill, by locking it with a female mage hero, you know.

Well, maybe many are not aware, if these 5 female heroes cannot be underestimated, because they can give a strong stun effect to the opponent.

Come on, let’s discuss 5 female heroes in Mobile Legends that have a very GG stun effect.

After reading this article, don’t hesitate to try it, guys!

1. Selena

Selena is a hero recently released by Moonton in July 2021 as a Mage-Assassin role hero.

This hero is the hero who has the longest stun skill among a row of other stun heroes.

Selena’s second skill, Abyssal Arrow, is her dangerous active skill.

Abyssal Arrow is able to stun the opponent for 5 seconds. Crazy!

The farther the attack that Selena gives, the longer the stun is generated.

This stun produced by Selena can be more painful if it is combined with Selena’s 1st skill, Abyssal Trap.

Then the resulting stun effect can be longer than only giving one skill 2 without being combined with skill 1.

2. Lolita

With this childlike character, Lolita the tanker girl who likes to carry a hammer is able to protect her teammates, you know.

Don’t get me wrong, Lolita has skill 1 with a stun effect which is very helpful.

‘Charge’ skill 1 Lolita is able to give a long stun effect to the opponent’s hero.

Especially Noumenon Blast, Lolita’s ultimate skill that is able to create a large area and give a severe stun effect for a long time, guys. Crazy!!!

Even better, Lolita’s ultimate skill can be combined with a flicker spell.

So don’t be afraid if you don’t hit the target, if the target moves away, we can still combine it by jumping towards the target using flicker.

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3. Eudora

The mage hero who once triumphed in the early days of Mobile Legends is also one of the female heroes who is fierce when she releases her stun skills.

Electric Arrow, Eudora’s 2nd skill can stun the opponent for 1 second.

Not only that, Eudora has a deadly combo too, you guys.

Skill 2 is always used first when trying to kill an enemy, then proceed with ultimate and finally use skill 1 to end the opponent’s life.

4. Angela

This adorable little hero is a hero role support.

Angela’s 2nd skill, Puppet on a String, is able to create a long rope and if wrapped around the closest opponent, can cause a stun effect for 1.5 seconds.

Not only does the enemy receive the stun effect with Angela’s second skill, but also gets magic damage.

Wow, small chilies, Angela.

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5. Kagura

The female hero who used to be a tire subscriber in this rank mode is now no longer a scary hero.

Even so, Kagura, this cute girl who likes to carry an umbrella is still GG to play with.

In addition to his umbrella that likes to run around here and there, Kagura is also one of the heroes who is given the ability to give a stun effect to the enemy.

If Kagura’s 1st skill, Seimei Umbrella Open is thrown at the enemy, then you can use the second skill, Rasho Umbrella Flee it will cause a stun effect.

That’s a series of female heroes who have stun skills and are dominated by hero role mages.

You have to be careful if you meet them in one lane, yes.

In your opinion, which other female hero is good at giving a stun effect?


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