The 5 Most Banned Heroes in Regular Season MPL ID S6

GridGames.ID – The Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia 2021 Tournament will soon enter the Playoffs round.

The 6 best teams have already qualified. They are Alter Ego, RRQ Hoshi, ONIC Esports, Bigetron Alpha, EVOS Legends, and Genflix Aerowolf.

However, before the Playoffs officially start, the GridGames team would like to invite you Flash back slightly to the regular season phase.

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During the regular season, various interesting matches are presented every week.

Dozens of heroes are often alternately chosen to fight in the Land of Dawn.

However, not infrequently, certain heroes must be hit banned by the competing players.

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Usually, the reason the hero isbanned is because being meta, or on the other side there are experts using it.

Well, this time GridGames has summarized the 5 most frequently hit heroes banned during regular season 6 based on statistical records from the official MPL ID website.

Want to know anyone? Read more below.


Uranus Mobile Legends


Uranus Mobile Legends

Let’s start with the hero who gets hit the most banned, namely Uranus.

This one hero is arguably quite consistent in entering meta in each MPL ID season.

During the regular season, Uranus has been hit 86 times banned by the participants.

These notes, make the tank hero the most frequently hit hero banned.

Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong, a new hero with a role fighter in Mobile Legends


Yu Zhong, a new hero with a role fighter in Mobile Legends

Furthermore, there is a debutant hero in MPL ID S6, namely Yu Zhong.

Has an ulti that can turn into a dragon, making this one fighter the opening battle.

Yu Zhong is also one of the heroes who is currently meta and is already 80 if he gets hit banned during the regular season.

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Selena Mobile Legends

doc. Moonton

Selena Mobile Legends

Selena is a hero with an Assassin/Mage role which is arguably quite difficult to use.

Even so, if there are players who are able to use it well, then Selena will be very deadly.

It’s no wonder that during the regular season, Selena has been hit 76 times banned.

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Khufra Mobile Legends


Khufra Mobile Legends

Besides Uranus, the tank that is also meta in MPL ID S6 is Khufra.

The hero can be the initiator of attacks with grip skills while jumping.

If hit by the attack, most likely the hero will be difficult to escape and become an easy target for the opponent.

Khufra has been hit too banned 59 times during the regular season.

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Yi Sun-Shin

Yi Sun-shin Mobile Legends


Yi Sun-shin Mobile Legends

Among the four names, only Yi Sun-Shin can be said to be an old generation hero.

After getting revamped from Moonton, Yi Sun-Shin became one of the terrible Marksman/Assassins.

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This hero doesn’t have the speed like Claude or the big damage like Roger.

However, if used properly, Yi Sun-Shin can be a deadly weapon.

Not a surprise, if the hero got banned 50 times.

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That’s the 5 most frequently hit heroes banned during regular season 6 MPL ID lasts.

In your opinion, which hero do you think is the most terrifying if it falls into the hands of the opponent?


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