SKY ASSAULT: 3D Flight Action v0.1.3 APK


SKY ASSAULT: 3D Flight Action  Protect the continent against the enemy's invasions and become a hero!

【 Introduction 】
Unique Hero characters!
Different terrains and altitudes present opportunities for strategical gameplay!
Exciting battle!
A realistic feel to the attacks and fast-paced battles!
Engaging gameplay!
Put your controls and strategies to the test!

【 Features 】
▣ Enjoy the game without worrying about Wi-Fi connections or free storage space!
▣ Unique Hero characters
- Each Hero uses a unique weapon.
▣ Growth System: Level up and upgrade!
▣ Various missions
- Experience Episode, Custom, and various other missions!
- Enjoy trying out different strategies based on the terrain and altitudes!
▣ Achievement Point-based Ranking Systems
- National Ranking System
- Individual Ranking System
▣ Multi Language Service
- Enjoy the game in various languages: Korean, English, Japanese, Russian, and more!
  • Screenshots
  • Official Trailer
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