Samsung Galaxy A71 Features Provide Exciting Live Gaming Experience

Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 released in Indonesia.

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Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 released in Indonesia.

GridGames.ID – Opening 2021, Samsung officially released the two latest Galaxy A series smartphones, namely the A51 and A71 on January 14, 2021.

One of the two types, namely the Samsung Galaxy A71, is a smartphone with performance that supports playing games.

in terms of experience, Galaxy A71 is proven to provide in-game experience which is very good.

Then the Samsung Galaxy A71 has been named official smartphone in the 2021 Esports President’s Cup which features the Free Fire game.

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The Galaxy A series has also been tested for performance by Garena as the developer of the Free Fire game.

The Galaxy A71 has a larger screen that allows for player to zoom in on some buttons on the HUD like jump, fire, or also move.

Overall, the Galaxy A71 worked well when playing Free Fire.

Samsung Galaxy A71 when used to play Free Fire

GridGames/ Amalia Septiyani

Samsung Galaxy A71 when used to play Free Fire

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Kuy, check out the awesome features on the Samsung Galaxy A71!

1. Wide Screen Size

With a 6.7-inch Infinity-O screen, the Galaxy A71 provides eye comfort when playing games.

Not only that, the screen has also been embedded Super AMOLED Plus technology is a technology development.

Samsung Galaxy A71

Samsung Galaxy A71

It makes smartphone it becomes thinner and lighter and can bring true color to any visual experience.

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2. Convenience AI Gaming Booster

Galaxy A71 has AI Gaming Booster that also affects the experience live game that awesome with various advantages such as Discord features, screen recorder, and can adjust performance and activities as needed.

The Discord feature itself has a function to connect users with fellow gamers via voice chat when playing certain games that don’t interfere with the game.

Discord View

Discord View

Meanwhile, for those of you who have activities to play games while live streaming, then this screen recorder feature can be a mainstay feature.

AI Gaming Booster can adjust performance games currently playing, such as battery saver, performance performance gaming, or anything so that it can be adjusted to your needs.

In this feature there are settings to minimize notifications or distractions that hinder the playing process.

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3. Using Snapdragon 730G Processor

To maximize gaming activities and other live experiences, the Galaxy A71 is equipped with a Snapdragon 730G processor.

This type of processor has several exclusive features that support your gaming experience, including the increase in graphics up to 15% higher than its predecessor.

This increase will affect the richness of the resulting color and capable of displaying up to 1 billion colors.

Samsung Galaxy A71


Samsung Galaxy A71

Snapdragon 730G is also designed to optimize WiFi signal when used for various activities live, one of them is playing online game which of course has an effect on more efficient use of power.

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4. Long Lasting Battery for Live Gaming All day fun

Finally, there is the most important feature for you gamers!

Isn’t it fun if you’re cool to play games suddenly lowbatt?

Low Battery


Low Battery

Well, so that annoying things don’t happen, the Galaxy A71 embeds a large battery, which is 4,500 mAh with Super-Fast Charging 25W.

That way, you can play games comfortably without fear of running out of battery again!

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For the price, the Samsung Galaxy A71 itself is priced at Rp. 6.99 million. What do you think?


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