Roster Arrangement of 8 Teams That Will Compete in MPL ID Season 7

GridGames.ID – Although the Covid-19 outbreak is still engulfing the country and it is not clear when this pandemic will end, one thing is for sure, MPL ID Season 7 is ready to entertain Mobile Legends fans.

Mobile Legends Professional League Indonesia (MPL ID) Season 7 will be held with a Regular Season round which will begin on February 26, 2021.

Still the same as the previous seasons, in the Regular Season round there are 8 teams that are ready to compete.

None other than Alter Ego Esports, AURAFIRE, Bigetron Alpha, Evos Legends, Geek Fam ID, Genflix Aerowolf, RRQ Hoshi and ONIC Esports.

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In addition to fighting for the top of the standings, these professional teams also have to compete to secure the playoffs tickets.

The six best teams will compete in the MPL ID Season 7 playoffs after completing 8 weeks of the Regular Season round.

MPL ID Season 7


MPL ID Season 7

MPL Indonesia itself has officially announced the players who will definitely show their fangs in MPL ID Season 7 through their social media accounts.

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Kuy, just check the roster of the 8 teams that will be fighting in MPL ID Season 7.

1. Alter Ego Esports

Alter Ego Esports MPL ID S7


Alter Ego Esports MPL ID S7

In MPL ID Season 7, Alter Ego decided not to add to the roster, where they will fight in Season 7 with the same roster as before.

It seems, runner up Season 6 has trusted the previous roster to maintain the winning roster.

Alter Ego will exert its power in MPL ID Season 7 through 7 players, namely Yam, Pai, LeoMurphy, Ahmad, Caesius, Celiboy and Udil.

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2. RRQ Hoshi




For MPL ID Season 7, RRQ Hoshi just made a few changes regarding the roster.

They deployed 7 of the best players where 5 of them were still the same as last Season 6 and 2 new players who were expected to bring victory in this season.

R7, Lemon, Wizzking, Alberttt and VYN the old players will be united with Psychoo who last season was still part of Onic and Taka who previously also played in Bigetron Alpha.

Small changes from RRQ Hoshi can also be seen from the coach who has just “returned”, namely who else if not Acil.

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3. Evos Legends

Evos Legends MPL ID S7


Evos Legends MPL ID S7

Significant roster changes can be seen from Evos Legends in the face of MPL ID Season 7.

The team with the White Tiger mascot deployed 8 of the best players, of which 5 new players were present to make Evos Legends proud in the MPL ID arena.

Luminaire, who decided not to play last season, finally returned to defend Evos Legends.

Meanwhile, LJ, who was previously in RRQ Hoshi, will fill the empty tank role, together with Antimage will accompany LJ in Offlane.

There is also Darkness who was previously in AURAFIRE and Clover who previously played in MDL Season 2.

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4. Bigetron Alpha

Bigetron Alpha MPL ID S7


Bigetron Alpha MPL ID S7

Successfully occupying the third position last season, Bigetron Alpha did not make big changes.

Armed with the same roster, they are ready to compete again in MPL ID Season 7.

It’s just that they have released the previous two roster, namely Taka and Bravo and the coach, Amoux.

Bigetron Alpha is also ready to work with a new coach, Ageee, who was previously their analyst in Season 6.

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5. Geek Fam ID

Geek Fam ID MPL ID S7


Geek Fam ID MPL ID S7

In Season 6 last, Geek Fam ID failed to enter the playoffs.

And now, they are starting to clean up by using players who mostly come from MDL.

The two MDL players who will fight with Geek Fam ID in MPL ID Season 7 are Zunz and Despair.

Meanwhile, they have released 5 players at once, namely wongcoco, Joker, Ramzu, and AyamJAGO.

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After failing to qualify for the playoffs last season, AURAFIRE made improvements to its roster.

Therefore, with the current line up, AURAFIRE is ready to face MPL ID Season 7 with new enthusiasm.

They brought 2 new players as well as 1 coach and 1 new analyst, namely CLCL (coach), FACEHUGGER (analyst), Kabuki and GoD1va (new player).

AURAFIRE also decided to release their trainers and analysts Lionheart and Susu Gajah, as well as Darknesss, Khael, and Phoenix.

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7. Genflix Aerowolf

Genflix Aerowolf officially announced the roster that will compete in MPL ID Season 7, where the old faces who played in season 6 are still adorning the roster list for this season.

There is also a new face with an old taste that has returned to play after being absent in several editions of MPL ID.

Not only did they announce the roster for MPL ID Season 7, the team with the white wolf logo also introduced their new coach, SAINTDELUCAZ.

As for MPL ID Season 7, Genflix Aerowolf has 8 flagship players, namely Bottle, Clay, Marz, Rinazmi, Bravo, Fredo, Watt and Kido.

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8. Onic Esports

Finally, there is the Yellow Landak team, who else if not ONIC Esports also made some changes to prepare for MPL ID Season 7.

ONIC Esports entrusts its 8 best players to compete in MPL ID Season 7, where 2 of them are new players taken from MDL, namely Maipan and Kiboy.

They are still loyal to 6 players who have dedicated themselves in Season 6, namely Drian, Sasa, Rasy, CW, Butsss and Sanz.

To get to a better ONIC, they also introduced two coaches, namely Somber (head coach) and Mars (assistant coach), and Lieberth (analyst).

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Which of the 8 teams above do you support? guys?

Let us know by writing in the comments column yes!


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