Revealed! Latest Leaked Skin Hero Mobile Legends King of Fighters

Mobile Legends Collaboration with King of Fifters

Mobile Legends Collaboration with King of Fifters

GridGames.ID – Some time ago Mobile Legends officially released the latest skin from their collaboration with King of Fighters.

Previously there were 3 skins present, namely Iori Yagami, Leona, and Athena Asamiya.

Not only that, recently there have been leaks that Mobile Legends will still release 3 more skins from different characters.

Well, this is the leak.

First there is a skin for Gusion. As usual, Gusion will certainly get a very cool skin.

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Previously, Gusion had also gotten the latest VENOM-themed skin

Unfortunately for Gusion, it is still not certain what KoF character will be the skin.

Then, what other heroes will have the KIng of Fighters skin?

Then there is a new hero, Dyrroth. For now, Dyrroth is considered to be one of the strongest fighter heroes.


Judging from the character, it is likely that Dyrroth will get a skin from the character Kyo Kusanagi that can issue fire moves.

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Finally there is Aurora. This mage hero who has the power of ice finally got a new skin after a long time.

What does Aurora look like with this Skin of Fighters?

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Judging from its strength, it is likely that Aurora will get a skin from the Kula Diamond character who also has the power of ice.

Kyo Kusanagi and Kula Diamond from King of Fighters

Kyo Kusanagi and Kula Diamond from King of Fighters

What do you think? Is it suitable? Or do you have another idea?


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