Reduce Toxic, ROBLOX Announces Plan to Release 'Safe' Voice Chat Feature

GridGames.ID – The popularity of Roblox titles among children is now very high.

Evidenced by research showing that more than half of children in America play games made by Roblox Corporation.

Because of the popularity among these kids, Roblox has been in trouble many times.

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Children playing Roblox titles


Children playing Roblox titles

In 2021, the game was considered controversial because of the in-game chat system used/

Entering 2021, the game was completely banned in the United Arab Emirates after the attorney general deemed the game harmful to children.

Although this has happened many years ago, Roblox still harbors concerns because in-game communication still occurs in almost every room.

Roblox Games

Roblox Games

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Reporting from Gamerant, Roblox announced that it would present a ‘safe’ voice chat system.

While the intentions behind this move are very good, it’s not yet known how the company will implement voice chat features ‘safely’.

Similar to Roblox, Minecraft has also implemented this method to reduce the level of ‘toxic’ in the game.

But unfortunately that didn’t work and Minecraft says that the only relatively safe option is to create a private server controlled by friends.

The reaction from various fans was relatively negative with regards to the announcement.

Fans expressed their concern over the many toxic behaviors when using the voice-chat feature.




Although most are worried about the voice-chat feature that seems to be unsafe, there are also some players who believe that implementing the voice-chat feature is very helpful when playing.

Still, a few pros haven’t been able to shake off Roblox Corporation’s worries, as the majority of the reaction from the player community to the announcement has been negative.

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