PUBG Mobile Indonesia National Championship (PINC) 2021 Coming Soon

GridGames.ID – After the success of PUBG Mobile Indonesia National Championship (PINC) 2021, the tournament is now being held again this year.

This national level PUBG Mobile tournament will also be divided into several stages, namely Online Regional Qualifier, Offline City Qualifier, Open Qualifier, and ends in the Grand Final which will be held at the Tennis Indoor Stadium, Senayan, Jakarta.

The qualifying round of PINC 2021 itself will be held around April to July, which is divided into 1 Open Qualifier and 13 Regional Qualifiers which take place in 48 cities in Indonesia.

There will be 1620 squads with a total of 8100 players who will show their teeth in fighting for the prestigious title as the 2021 PINC Champion.

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PINK 2021

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PINK 2021

The following is an explanation of the stages that will be present at PINC 2021:

1. Online Regional Qualifier (15 April – 24 June)

In this qualifying round there will be 120 squads from each region, where the squads in this round will be competed online and divided into 6 groups with each group containing 20 squads.

Participants will compete in 2 rounds on different maps, including TPP ERANGEL, TPP MIRAMAR, and FPP ERANGEL.

At the end of the tournament, the 10 squads with the highest rank from each group will advance to the Offline City Qualifier which is held offline.

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2. Offline City Qualifier (20 April – 30 June)

After passing the Online Regional Qualifier, the 60 squads that qualify will proceed to the Offline City Qualifier. All squads will compete in 2 rounds on the TPP ERANGEL and TPP MIRAMAR maps.

The 6 squads with the highest rank from each group will continue their journey to the final round of the City Qualifier which is held for 3 rounds to fight for 1 ticket to the Grand Final in Jakarta.

Except for Jakarta and Bandung, these two cities will send two representatives each (ranked 1 and 2) to compete in the Grand Final.

3. Open Qualifier (July 6)

In this round, 60 squads will be competed from online registration to compete for a ticket to the grand final round.

4. Grand Finals (13 and 14 July)

The 2021 PINC Grand Final is scheduled to take place over two days from July 13 to 14 at the Tennis Indoor Stadium, Senayan, Jakarta.

The culmination of this national level PUBG Mobile tournament will last for 8 rounds. The squad with the highest points will be crowned the champion in the 2021 PINC tournament.

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Reportedly, PINC 2021 will issue a total prize that is much larger than the previous year, which is 1 billion rupiah. Crazy!

The following is a list of prizes that will be won by the squad that won the 2021 PINC:

  • 1st Place: Rp. 400,000,000,-
  • 2nd Place: Rp. 200,000,000,-
  • 3rd Place: Rp. 90,000,000,-
  • 4th Place: Rp. 60,000,000,-
  • 5th-8th Place: Rp. 25,000,000,-
  • 9th-16th Place: Rp. 10,000,000,-

For those of you who are interested, PINC registration has been opened and you can directly register on the official PINC 2021 website by clicking here.

There are 13 regions at PINC 2021, you can register in the region where you live.


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