Overwatch Tournament Audience on Twitch Decreases, Isn't it Selling?

GridGames.ID – In recent years, the Overwatch game has successfully attracted the interest of many gamers around the world.

One of the attractions of this FPS game is the availability of many characters, each of which has interesting skills.

As a popular game, Overwatch also has a world tournament called the Overwatch League.

This world tournament is regularly broadcast via the Twitch streaming service.


Unfortunately, this year’s audience data shows unsatisfactory results.

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The Overwatch League’s loyal audience is starting to dwindle. Actually, the signs of this decline in interest can be seen since last year.

In 2021, the number of streaming viewers for the last two matches of the tournament declined.

It is surprising because in general the audience’s interest will increase towards the final round of the tournament.

One possibility is that many viewers prefer to watch other branches of the game.

Usually the Overwatch League is held in the period January to mid-June.

During that period several other games also often held annual tournaments.

Although the number of viewer accounts has decreased, the viewing time tends to increase.

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Overall, Overwatch League watch time this year increased to 3.7 million hours. Up quite far from 2021 which was only 2.9 hours.

Many think that Overwatch fans are currently starting to dwindle.

However, Overwatch is still the most popular game in South Korea.

You guys play Overwatch?


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