Oh... Turns out this is the real reason Ios left EVOS eSports!

Sebastian 'Ios' Clement


Sebastian ‘Ios’ Clement

GridGames.ID – After some time ago Ios decided to leave Evos eSports, many questions what the real reason Ios had to make this decision.

KB has also interviewed Ios on his Youtube Channel, but has not confirmed it. In the end, Ios gave his statement about the reason for leaving Evos eSports in a video he uploaded to his personal Youtube Channel.

Ios tried to answer netizens’ questions about him deciding to leave the White Tiger team.

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In the video, Ios says that he is still under contract with Evos for streaming.

“I am still contractually bound and still streaming with Nimo TV for Evos. And here I am leaving the pro team. The reason is because I already have an uncomfortable feeling, so I decided to leave,” said Ios, whose real name is Sebastianus Klemens.

Some time ago, there were also many memes circulating that described him as being the subject of bullying from netizens. Not a few thought Ios was out because of the netizens who bullied him.

But, Ios admitted that it wasn’t because of that. However, he has his own reasons and thinks that what netizens are saying is just a joke.

“Netizens’ words don’t mean anything. I left because I felt uncomfortable, there was no sense of trust in the team, so I didn’t leave because of what netizens said. I thought that what netizens were saying was just for fun,” Ios admitted.

According to Ios, in a team there must be trust in order to avoid the name Misscom alias Miss Communication.

“Misscom in the game, in my opinion, in every team there will always be, but when it comes to trust, it can be planted with trust outside the game. So, you have to believe in the individual first, then enter the game,” he said.

The purpose of this trust is how he and the team can trust each other in a game that must first be instilled in the real world with the team.

Ios admitted that he was sad to leave the world of pro players. However, for now he has decided not to be part of any eSport team and has no desire to continue being a Pro Player again.

“For now, I don’t have to join another eSport team or become a pro player. In the future, I want to focus on streaming and become a Content Creator so I can have more time and be closer to you,” said Ios.

While at Evos, Ios said that there were so many moments from the most amazing and the most down too.

“When I lost in the MPL ID Season 1 final against NXL, it was the lowest moment in my opinion. Because Evos was a bit arrogant. At night, he never practiced and didn’t develop a strategy because he thought he would win. said Ios while imitating the practice of lifting the cup.

“There are two amazing moments. The first was in MPL ID Season 2 yesterday. Evos was already divided but committed to finishing MPL ID Season 2. And we happened to be in 2nd place and beat Onic. Even though we lost to RRQ, we are satisfied,” continued Ios .

“The second moment against RRQ, usually we always lose against RRQ. But this time when the IESPL tournament was offline, Evos was able to maintain a balanced score against RRQ,” he said.

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The point is, for now Ios has no desire to move to another team.

“Honestly, I’m happy with the current situation, I also have a lot of free time. It’s not like it used to be, making it difficult to reply to DMs,” said Ios.

Although there are other teams who invite to join or make a team to Ios, he is still not interested and wants to focus on streaming and his personal Youtube Channel.

“In the future, I will continue to make YouTube gaming content like Mobile Legends, PUBG, and others. There are also vlogs. Anyway, in my opinion, every interesting place and daily life is interesting, I will definitely record it for vlogs,” concluded Ios.


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