Officially Released, Here Are Carmilla's New Hero Skills in Mobile Legends

GridGames.ID – Role Support in Moonton’s MOBA game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, has increased again.

This time the Land of Dawn has a new hero named Carmilla.

In addition, this hero is also known to have specialties in the form of Crowd Control and Initiator.

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The appearance of Carmilla herself was a beautiful woman in a red dress with a pair of demon wings behind her.

Carmilla itself has been officially released on Mobile Legends.

Kuy, first know the following skills Carmilla has.

Vampire Pact (Passive)

Carmilla steals 10-20 Physical and Magic Defense that scales with the opponent’s level at the same time dealing damage to them.

Each target can have its Physical and Magic Defense stolen only once every 5 seconds.

Stolen Physical and Magic Defense can be stacked up to 5 times and lasts 5 seconds.

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Crimson Flower (Skill 1)

Carmilla increases her Movement Speed ​​by 25% and summons 2 Crimson Flowers that revolve around her, lasting 5 seconds.

Enemies that hit the Crimson Flower will receive Magic Damage and slow by 30%.

Meanwhile, the Crimson Flower’s rotating speed will increase for 0.8 seconds.

Every time Crimson Flower deals damage to an opponent, Carmilla will restore her HP.

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Bloodbath (Skill 2)

Carmilla accumulates Bloodbath Energy which greatly increases her Movement Speed ​​by 60%.

If this skill is used again, then Carmilla can throw Bloodbath Energy to a predetermined opponent and deal Magic Damage and stun the opponent for 0.75 seconds.

Damage and stun time scales with accumulated Bloodbath Energy, max. 100%.

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Curse of Blood (Ultimate Skill)

Carmilla throws Curse of Blood in a predetermined direction and this ultimate will spread from the opponent it hits to the nearest enemy hero.

This skill can deal Magic Damage and slow them down by 90% for 5 seconds.

Curse can be given to up to 3 targets at the same time.

When one target that has Curse of Blood takes CC damage or effects, the other affected targets will also receive CC damage and effects.

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Have any of you owned this hero?


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