Nintendo President Confirms His Company Will Not Focus On Esports

Super Smash Bros Ultimate esports tournament


Super Smash Bros Ultimate esports tournament

GridGamesID – Nintendo has become an important part in the development of the game world to date.

Apart from being one of the pioneers of console games, this Japanese company also regularly releases dozens of interesting game titles every year.

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Recently, Nintendo games have started to be contested in various esports tournaments.

One of the most popular is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

But, speaking of esports, apparently the Nintendo boss admitted that he would not focus on getting into that world.

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This statement was made directly by Nintendo’s president, Shuntaro Furukawa, in an interview with Nikkei.

Furukawa Shuntaro, Nintendo President


Furukawa Shuntaro, Nintendo President

He said that Nintendo will focus on releasing games that suit their style and the tastes of their fans.

Even though it is called not following market competition, he does not care.

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Regarding esports, Furukawa actually has an interesting view.

For him, esports tournaments have indeed succeeded in growing happiness for both players and spectators in accordance with the goals of the game itself.

But on the other hand, Furukawa, and Nintendo, admit that they don’t have the ‘excitement’ to focus on that world.

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Being able to provide quality games without the lure of big prizes from the competition is a matter of pride for Nintendo.

“Having a different view from other companies – without the huge amount of prizes – is our strength,” Furukawa said.

So far, Nintendo is known to always present simple games that can be accessed by everyone.

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This premise is what Nintendo continues to defend to this day.

Even though their games don’t have as big a name as esports games, Nintendo still has millions of diehard fans around the world.

Are you Nintendo fans too?

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