New Apex Legend Season 4 Characters Coming Soon, Really Fierce!

GridGames.ID – After 1 year on the market, Apex Legends will now enter their 4th season.

In this 4th season, the game that is predicted to be able to match the superiority of Fortnite gives happy news for its fans.

The reason is, they will give a surprise that coincides with the release of season 4 of the game.

Apex Legends itself is a game that carries the concept of battle royale.

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The game, made by Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts (EA) is scheduled to be played on all Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC consoles on February 4, 2021.

Launching, at the beginning of its appearance, Apex Legends has been downloaded 25 million times in just one week.

This extraordinary achievement even beats Fortnite which was only downloaded 10 million times in the first two weeks.

EA through its official website, has just released a trailers featuring new characters from Apex Legends season 4.

The character is a half-human robot or commonly called cyborg named Revenant.

In trailers In this case, it is seen that Revenant has the power to turn parts of his body into a deadly weapon.

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In addition to new characters, Apex Legends will also present several items new, fashion rank new, and also a new weapon named sentinel.

It doesn’t stop there, in order to celebrate 1 year of Apex Legends, they will give gift free for players who log in when season 4 was released.

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So, prepare yourself to welcome Apex Legends Season 4, guys!


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