NetEase Unveils New Temporary AAA Game Named Project Ragnarok

Project Ragnarok, Multi-platform game with the latest open-world rpg system from NetEase

Project Ragnarok, a multi-platform game with the latest open-world rpg system from NetEase

GridGames.ID – One of the giants of the mobile gaming industry, NetEase has today revealed their new AAA RPG game tentatively named Project Ragnarok.

Daniel Ahmad, Senior Analyst at Niko Partners was the first to share the news widely via his Twitter account.

Ragnarok itself is an open-world game inspired by Norse mythology.

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If it is said to be a multi-platform release, this game means that it has the ability to be played on PC, console, to mobile.

According to Ahmad, NetEase’s goal here is to offer a mix of Chinese-style MMO gameplay and premium AAA gameplay.

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In the gameplay footage shared, it shows the game’s battles that look like Assassin’s Creed.

It looks very realistic even though it may conflict with the original gameplay.

However, NetEase is one of the giants of the gaming industry, it could be a reality because NetEase has the money and expertise for such a project.

The second trailer shared by Ahmad shows the open world style of this game.

It’s interesting to see several Norse mythology-inspired games released or announced so close to each other.

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