MMORPG With Gokil Appearance, Dragon Raja Enters Pre-Register Stage!

GridGames.ID – Good news for lovers games MMORPG-themed game, Archosaur Games as the developer of a well-known MMORPG-themed game has just announced that one of their new games, Dragon Raja, will be released soon.

For class games mobile platforms, Dragon Raja has a very impressive visual appearance.

This game has a colorful fictional and fantasy world and makes players excited to explore all the maps in this game.

This game tells about the return of a dragon that was previously asleep and then rises to regain control of the world.

You are given a character (Draconic) or human hybrid which you can customize according to your wishes to be used as the main character in this game.

Humans need the help of Draconic to survive, this game has a different storyline from other MMORPGs.

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With the battle going on real-time allows you to explore Draconic’s strategies and abilities.

There are many skills and combos used in dungeons or dungeons to beat the boss in this game.

Real-time Battle in this game can include up to 100 other players simultaneously.

This is one of the complex games made for the mobile platform because this game introduces AI (Artificial Intelligence) for NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) which makes it come alive.

Dragon King


Dragon King

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For example, wet or cold climates will cause you to slip and there are many buildings that you can destroy in this game.

This game also has a world that has a daily cycle such as morning, noon and night.

This game was made using Unreal Engine 4 and will reportedly be released globally on February 27, 2021 for free on your favorite App Store and Google Play.


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