Mario Kart Tour Will Trial Multiplayer Mode December 2021 – It has been a month since the Mario Kart Tour mobile game has been released for Android and iOS.

Mario Kart Tour is surprisingly the most popular and most downloaded game in the last month besides Call of Duty: Mobile.

However, at the time of the release of Mario Kart Tour there was no multiplayer mode.

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Though the multiplayer mode is the hallmark of games made by Nintendo.

But now Nintendo has announced that the multiplayer mode will soon enter the beta stage in December 2021.

Interestingly, the multiplayer mode will have a real time feature, meaning that players will face each other online.

Unfortunately, the beta version is only accessible to players who have become Mario Kart Tour subscribers.

Mario Kart Tour does provide a monthly subscription option for $4.99.

By subscribing, players get a Gold Pass which can unlock 200 CC circuits, Gold Challenges, and Gold Gifts.

The announcement was made via the official Mario Kart Tour Twitter account.

The presence of the multiplayer mode has been long awaited by the players.

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Because, racing games will not be fun if you only play against bots.

It is unclear when the multiplayer mode will be available for non-subscribers from Nintendo.

Mario Kart Tour is one of the games that make a big contribution to Nintendo due to the high number of downloads on iOS and Android.


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