Just played? Here are Tips for Playing Lifeline Characters in Apex Legends

GridGames.ID – Lifeline is a “medical” or “support” character from Apex Legends, and his skill kit supports his teammates through healing and providing them with equipment.

However, Lifeline is vulnerable to attacks from enemies, which means she has no skills to use against enemies.

Therefore, when you play as a Lifeline, you should try to stay out of fights and out of harm’s way as often as you can, so that you are always ready to help your teammates when they need you.

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However, if you rush to revive your dead friends, then you will be in a dangerous place, so you should be prepared to defend yourself.

Choose long-range weapons, such as the Longbow DMR or G7 Scout, as well as rifles or shotguns or light submachine guns to counter at close range.

Remember that while your job is to revive and heal teammates. If a friend is killed, that’s a good thing, so what you do first is shoot the enemy, then the second is immediately revive your friend.

If you play Lifeline characters or you have a team that uses these characters, then you should pay attention to Ultimate Accelerants.

Lifeline can give care packages when fighting to teammates


Lifeline can give care packages when fighting to teammates

Lifeline has one of the longer Ultimate cooldown timers, and the sooner you can get care packages, the sooner you can pick up loot with high defensive tiers.

But you should also get several Lifeline care packages in one match to help other people’s kits.

If you are ready and still have the best care package, try using it to distract enemies or confuse them.

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You can drop one package in one direction and run another, for example, or summon one and use it to attract other troops to ambush.

If there is a quick healing from Lifeline, it means you have to try to keep your HP as much as possible.

If you can heal without leaving your teammates while fighting, then your chances of winning the battle are always higher because you have a higher health pool.

Remember, when fighting, helping your team to shoot is usually much better than retreating. Gaining or losing a numerical advantage usually determines which team will win the battle.


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