Indonesian Horror Game Returns: Insanity Delays Release Due To This

Horror Game from Indonesia, Go Home Insanity

Horror Game from Indonesia, Go Home Insanity

GridGames.ID – Indonesian horror game Pulang: Insanity has just given some disappointing news to its fans.

OZYSOFT, as the developer of Pulang: Insanity has with a heavy heart decided to postpone its scheduled release today (25/2).

This disappointing news was announced through a post on their official Instagram social media account.

In the post, Pulang: Insanity shared a photo containing an apology.

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As a form of OZYSOFT’s apology, they will give away the original soundtrack for Pulang: Insanity for free.

However, this original soundtrack will only be given to fans who have already purchased Pulang: Insanity on a pre-order basis.

The attitude shown by Pulang: Insanity, certainly shows that they don’t want to make the fans even more disappointed.

Especially, for fans who have been waiting for the game by buying it by pre-order.

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Not only apologies, the announcement also stated what was the cause of the failure of Pulang: Insanity release.

It says, there are still many bugs in the game Pulang: Insanity that caused OZYSOFT to delay the release of the game.

In addition, there are still features that OZYSOFT wants to add to the Pulang: Insanity game.

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They will include 3 additional languages, namely Indonesian, Chinese, and Korean which will be another choice of English.

This update takes approximately 2 weeks to stabilize.

OZYSOFT also promised that they would officially release Pulang: Insanity to the market on March 13, 2021.

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