In Karakin's New Map, PUBG Players Can Destroy Buildings – Popular MOBA game, PUBG has announced that it will present a new map.

The map will appear with the release of the season 6.1 update and Survivor Pass: Shakedown!

The update will bring a 2 x 2 km map, Karakin.

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With a size of only 2×2, the match is able to run quickly and intensely.

PUBG Also added some features to enhance the gameplay.

Black Zone for example.

This threat only exists in Karakin, making the map hit by disaster and even destroying buildings.

So, you won’t even be safe inside the building when disaster strikes.

The disaster will begin with a loud enough siren sound, making you have to prepare immediately.

Not only that, there are also new bombs that can penetrate certain points, including certain buildings.

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PUBG also provides hidden areas that can only be accessed by blowing up walls or floors first.

In fact, some walls can be penetrated with firearms.

This map only accommodates 64 players in one game, making gameplay even more exciting.

Update 6.1 is planned to be available on January 22, 2021.


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