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Information Technology Illustration

When discussing business continuity, there are two important foundations that need to be considered, namely a business plan and Information technology (IT). However, when faced with investment choices, companies are often confused about which one to choose.

This is because a business plan is a driving force for the company’s economy, but on the other hand, qualified IT is an obligation. Especially in the midst of increasingly massive digitalization carried out by many competitors.

To answer this challenge, companies need to think strategically by changing their perspective on company finances.

One of them is by changing the cost allocation that is commonly used, especially for IT infrastructure. Rather than downsize with an upfront investment (Capex) for on-premises, you can transfer these IT needs through operational costs (Opex).

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Through the Webinar New Normal: The Era of Consumption-Based IT Model on Wednesday (2/9/2020), IT expert Richard Kartawijaya revealed that capex investment is no longer as profitable as it was in the 90s.

This of course makes sense, considering that IT devices such as servers often have time end of life short, so long-term investment is not the right thing. He added that the company’s finances would be better invested in business needs of up to 80 percent.

“In the past, people invested heavily in IT, because they needed to. Now, invest If you grow up in IT, its value can continue to shrink until it finally disappears,” said Richard

This step has even begun to be considered by many large companies in Indonesia. Richard gave an example if one mining company was able to reduce IT costs by using the subscription method.

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“By shifting the investment up front into operational costs, the company actually gets more profitable. Moreover, today’s service methods such as cloud to on premises, it is cheaper and more practical,” said Richard.

However, Richard added that if you use on-premises services, you still need to pay attention to the costs. Because it is not uncommon for providers to implement a system bundling which in the end cost as much as the investment.

The same thing was conveyed by the Director of Hybrid Infrastructure Services Business Multipolar Technology, Yohan Gunawan. According to him, the company could outsmart the investment on-premises by diverting it to the party leasing with periodic payments.

However, the existence of a futures contract system makes the company unable to change its business strategy suddenly, even at a cost that is not based on usage but on the number of devices used.

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“Use leasing it can’t suddenly terminate the contract or trial. For the fee is also based on the contract, not on the system pay-per-use, ” said John.

Therefore, it is better for the company to use the service on-premises flexible. For example, by using HPE GreenLake which offers IT infrastructure needs through the system pay-per-use.

“The HPE GreenLake solution offers a balance, where all costs are based on usage. So there are no additional costs that occur behind. Moreover, companies usually only focus on core costs at the beginning, without looking at other potential costs (which may occur),” he continued.

Not to forget, he also said that the HPE GreenLake service was able to reduce the risk of loss, adding to the value company, to reduce unnecessary costs.

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“HPE GreenLake is a service on-premises which has convenience and flexibility, as well as subscriptions cloud, ” he concluded.

As explained by HPE Pointnext Indonesia Business Development Manager Juniardi Yusuf, HPE GreenLake offers a variety of IT needs on-premises with experience everything-as-a-service.

This means that companies can increase and decrease IT capacity and needs in accordance with the available budget.

“All needs such as storage, databases, big data, to backups, can be handled by HPE GreenLake,” said Juniardi.

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Not only in terms of on-premises, HPE GreenLake can also monitor and manage services public and private cloud already used by the company. Through the HPE GreenLake Central integrated dashboard, all data consumption used can be monitored easily.

The presence of HPE GreenLake not only makes it easier for companies to develop a capable IT infrastructure, but also helps take control of its overall use.

To find out more about HPE GreenLake features and services, you can visit the official website of PT Multipolar Technology Tbk via this link.

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