Genflix Aerowolf Ready to Show First Game in MPL ID Season 4

Genflix Aerowolf's new line up in MPL ID Season 4

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Genflix Aerowolf’s new line up in MPL ID Season 4

GridGames.ID – After MPL ID Season 3, Aerowolf Pro Team dissected the entire Mobile Legends division roster, previously named Aerowolf Roxy, into Genflix Aerowolf.

Not only changing names, their old roster has now joined their respective new teams.

Genflix Aerowolf itself now has 10 roster as well as a new formation that is ready to compete in MPL ID Season 4.

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7 of the 10 names of players on this team are the Louvre eSports roster which was officially acquired by Genflix Aerowolf.

While the other three names are Bkent, Barier Jr. and President Joko Widodo’s youngest son, Kaesang Pangarep.

Uniquely, when Kaesang was announced to be the tenth player to complete the team with the wolf logo, netizens initially didn’t believe it because he was still Epic.

Because Kaesang is known as someone who likes to joke on social media, especially on Twitter.

Kaesang becomes Genflix Aerowolf's 10th player


Kaesang becomes Genflix Aerowolf’s 10th player

It turns out that this guy who was born on December 25, 1994, has officially become the tenth player of Genflix Aerowolf.

The Kaesang inauguration coincided with the collaboration between Genflix Aerowolf and Ternakopi, a coffee brand built by Kaesang with his brother, Gibran Rakabuming Raka.

Here are ten Genflix Aerowolf roster that are ready to compete in MPL ID Season 4:

– Marsha
– Watts
– YoR
– JeeL
– Bad Boy (Sub)
– Key (Sub)
– xBarierJr⁣ (Sub)
– Bkent (Sub)
– Kaesang (Sub)

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Before the ten players above became the new formation on this team, there were five old roster that previously played in MPL ID Season 3.

LJ, Billy, Rave, Auzora and Trust managed to bring Aerowolf Roxy to become the third winner of last season’s MPL ID event.

This big change of Genflix Aerowolf will present various new strategies to seize the top position of this national level Mobile Legends tournament.

For those who are curious about this team, look forward to the first game of Genflix Aerowolf in Regular Season MPL ID Season 4 which starts on August 23, 2021, yha!


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