Fortnite and Red Cross Collaboration Brings New Game Mode

GridGames.ID – In many games, we are often asked to kill the enemy as the main mission.

The trick can be shot, using a sword, bare hands or something else.

But, recently a unique collaboration took place between Fortnite and International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

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Reported from Asia One, this collaboration resulted in a new game mode called Liferun.

In this mode you are no longer asked to shoot and kill each other, but to save.

The missions in this mode are adapted to the four main activities of the Red Cross in more than 80 countries.

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Among these are looking after civilians in need, rebuilding critical infrastructure, clearing landmines, and distributing aid as quickly as possible.

It can be seen, all the missions are practically inversely proportional to the Fortnite game in general.

Three popular pro-players namely DrLupo, Lachlan, and ONE_Shot_GURL will appear this weekend to promote this new mode.

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The release of this new mode will take place at the PAX South Video Gaming Convention, San Antonio, Texas.

The ICRC is well aware that the number of gaming communities continues to grow in various parts of the world.

They feel the need to approach this gamer community to raise awareness that there are many people in need outside.

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With this program, it is hoped that young players will begin to realize the impact of a very great conflict on society.

Fortnite was chosen because it is considered successful in becoming a major phenomenon in the world.

Since its 2021 release, Fortnite has been played by at least 250 million players worldwide.

Amazingly, some of the content in Fortnite has managed to become a trend, both among gamers and non-gamers.


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