Explanation from RRQ Xin reported to MDL

A description from RRQ Xin about it reported to MDL.

After two members of RRQ Sena, 824 and Jbun, posted to the Instagram story, more and more rumors of Xin to MDL surfaced.

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Source: ig story @ rrq_824

The RRQ 824 post stated that it would vote @rrq_xinn Return to MDL. Does this really suggest that Shin is back in MDL and back in RRQ Hoshi’s roster?

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Source: ig story @rrq_jbun

In addition, was there a post from RRQ Jbun that RRQ Xin is on trial for MDL?

I still have doubts about this. But recently, Xin himself has revealed widespread rumors.

@ robenx1

The reply to @aripmlydi has already answered “yes”

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“No, everyone, I’m not playing MPL. Ask Alberttt, I’m not playing,” Xin told Instagram livestreaming.

It was RRQ Xin’s description of him, who was first rumored to be joining through the MDL channel and playing in MPL.

So far, there has been no official information from the RRQ team about this news about Xin returning to MDL or playing in MPL in Season 7.

Wait a minute, The Spinners, it would be interesting if it was true that Xin was back, but of course it’s an inseparable point with Xin that RRQ decided to take a break for MPL Season 7 RRQ to Alberttt Focus on it.

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