ENCE Successfully Advances to CS:GO Asia Championship Finals After Defeating MIBR

ENCE successfully beat MBRI in CS:GO Asia Championship

ENCE successfully beat MBRI in CS:GO Asia Championship

GridGames.id – ENCE Secured a place in the grand final of the CS:GO Asia Championship 2021.

ENCE Secured final position after beating MIBR 2-1.

This victory was not achieved in an easy way.

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ENCE had fallen behind MIBR in the first game but dramatically managed to turn things around by bending MIBR 2-1.

At the start of the tournament, ENCE was led by new player Miikka ‘suNny’ Kemppi.

In the group phase, ENCE successfully beat VICI and mousesports, making ENCE’s move relatively light.

On the Train map, ENCE lost 14-16 to MIBR, Vito ‘kNgV’ Giuseppe, Aleksi ‘allu’ Kali became important players for ENCE’s downfall in Train.

MIBR Brings winning momentum to the Mirage map and is led by Lucas ‘LUCAS1’ Teles and FalleN.

These two players had brought MIBR ahead 4-0.

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However, ENCE proved its class by scoring 10-7 and was closed by Allu in the second Mirage map with a score of 16-11 for ENCE.

In the last map, Overpass became the deciding factor for both teams.

Again, allu made the MIBR team not move at the beginning of the game, but the match was tight with a score of 12-8.

However, xseveN had to make MIBR’s sales stop at a score of 16-10.

In the final, ENCE will be waiting for the winners from TYLOO and mousesports who are still competing at the time of writing this article.


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