Crazy! This Game Gains Over PUBG and Fortnite

GridGames.ID – Game titled battle royale it is again popular with many people such as PUBG, Fortnite, Rules of Survival.

It turns out that there is one game of the same type that is no less popular to reap more profits than the two games above in 2021.

This game is named Knives Out Tokyo Royale published by Chinese company NetEase which is considered a PUBG clone.

Facts Knives Out Tokyo Royale managed to reap a profit of around $ 465 or equivalent to Rp. 6.5 trillion. It’s so crazy right?

While Fortnite only made a profit of $455 million or Rp. 6.4 trillion. How is that possible?

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In fact almost all the advantages of the game Knives Out Tokyo Royale this came from a player from Japan.

According to an analytical report from Sensor Tower, players in Japan spent an average of $370 on the game’s storefront in 2021.

Among other factors that contribute to the game’s success is its ability to accept in-game purchases.

Both PUBG and Fortnite are unable to do so in China and Japan due to local regulations.

China has the largest market for mobile games in the industry and continues to attract significant numbers.

Largely due to the country’s vast population and easy accessibility to mobile phones.

Interestingly, Android is not accounted for in this report, so the odds are that Fortnite will still exceed Knives Out Tokyo Royale

But it’s still surprising that this supposedly dummy game can generate such high revenue.

Have you tried the game yourself? Knives Out Tokyo Royale?


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