Come on, check out some tips for playing Mobile Legend a la Pro Players

GridGames.ID – Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia. The government took quick steps to break the chain of the spread of the corona virus by imposing Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB).

This resulted in the termination of all sports competitions in Indonesia, including e-sports.sports.

Before the pandemic esports is one of the most in-demand entertainment industries, especially for lovers games.

Tens to hundreds of matches have been successfully held, in a tournament that was watched by millions of pairs of eyes live or on line.

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However, since the pandemic, some game developers have had to rack their brains in order to be able to run a match even though it is done manually on line at home.

For example, Mobile Legend Professional League (MPL) ID season 5 since week 7 has been held regularly on line, leaving team broadcast and para shoutcaster only at the Indonesian MPL studio.

However, unfortunately, not all esports match organizers want to complete changing the format and completing all the matches.

The event was finally postponed and some were even canceled waiting for conditions to return to normal as usual.

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For the pro players themselves, the current situation is not an excuse not to practice or try to improve their game play skills.

Including, for those of you who are now trying to improve your skills in playing Mobile legend, here are some tips that you can imitate from pro players.

  1. Understand the role play hero

For those of you who want to improve skills in playing Mobile Legend, of course the first thing to master is knowing the function and being able to control each role or the roles of the heroes.

In the Mobile Legend game there are 6 types of hero types including Marksman, Mage, Assassin, Support, Tank, and Fighter. Of the six types of heroes, at least you should be able to master one of each type of hero.

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Of course this makes the game more complex. All heroes have their own character when viewed based on the timing, there are three types, namely Early Game, Mid Game and Late Game.

This means that these heroes will feel their strength at the beginning and at the end of the game. So you have to understand the type of hero and its function.

  1. Find the right build

In addition to understanding the function of each hero, you also have to understand each item or build of each hero.

To understand this, you can read each build description in the game, or you can use the builds used by top players or the builds that are most often used for the hero you choose.

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Well, the faster you build at the beginning of the game, the greater your chances of winning.

  1. Practice directing skills quickly and precisely

Ever heard of the terms slow hand and fast hand? if not you need to know that the Skills in Mobile Legends can be directed to the target we want.

There are several heroes that require hand speed to direct these skills, for example Gusion, Fanny, Lancelot, Selena, Hayabusa and several other heroes.

Practice so that you get used to it quickly and on target. You can see the tutorials directly from some pro players like Oura on youtube how he directs skills and ulti quickly and on target.

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Just a tip for those of you who have trouble with sweaty fingers, which causes the screen to become rough and makes our fingers slow in directing skills and ulti.

You can use powder to sprinkle on your fingers so that your fingers and cellphone screen become slippery, this makes the movement of our fingers very fast and very free.

  1. Practice Often

Pro Players such as Jess No Limit, Luminaire, Donkey, Wann or Rekt did not immediately become good at playing like they are now, it took a long time for them to become what they are today. It took thousands of matches for them to be able to master all heroes in playing Mobile Legend.

So, for you beginners, don’t feel hopeless if all this time your game has not been able to develop, maybe you should evaluate what your mistakes and shortcomings were while playing MLBB.

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To support the development of the esports industry in Indonesia, Lazada cooperates with the Evos Esport team to carry out various collaborations to present various innovations to make it easier for gamers to meet their needs, one of which is to top up purchase of in-game items.

In addition, for Evos fans in the country, Lazada also presents Evos official store, there you can shop for Evos Esport team merchandise.

Esports lovers in Indonesia can not only fulfill their needs for mobile game equipment, but also have the opportunity to interact with Evos Esports through the Lazada Cyber ​​Combat program on the LazLive channel.

Finally, Lazada and Evos will audition for the Lazada Evos Pro Player Hunt to find talented gamers who will later join the Evos Esport team to fill the Mobile Legend and Free Fire divisions.

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To be able to take part in the audition, you can buy tickets on the Lazada platform starting on June 22, 2021. Later, Lazada will provide 1000 tickets consisting of 500 tickets for the Mobile Legends audition and 500 tickets for the free fire audition.

To find out the current technical and knowledge of the esports world, you can join the Lazada Evos Webinar with GridGames on Saturday, June 20, 2021.

Besides talk show You can also have the opportunity to play with the Evos Esport brand ambassador and get Rp. 1 million rupiah if you manage to get MPV in the match.

Not only that, for the best question, you also have the opportunity to get a shopping voucher from Lazada worth Rp. 1 million rupiah. So, to take part in the webinar, you can register by clicking the link below.

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