COD Mobile Wants to Present Favorite Map 'Meltdown' From Black Ops II

Reportedly, COD Mobile wants to present a new map 'Meltdown'

Reportedly COD Mobile wants to present a new map ‘Meltdown’

GridGames.ID – Call of Duty Mobile reportedly wants to add a new map called Meltdown.

This popular battle zone is inspired by the game Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Meltdown is set around a sprawling power plant, you have plenty of room for new and creative strategies on this map.

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Despite the size of this zone, you still have plenty of places to hide or create more defensive play opportunities.

COD Mobile, Rapid Fire Mode


COD Mobile, Rapid Fire Mode

This zone has lots of vertical aspects or tall buildings to contend with, making it perfect for the typical sniper-loving player.

Unlike the Cage Map, in this zone you can’t expect to get more kills.

There is no definite confirmation about this new zone update.

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This issue is only a tweet from the developer to be given to players.

However, it is possible that the developer will consider adding this update due to the large number of requests from COD: Black Ops II players.

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Even though it’s just speculation, it seems that the developers of COD:Mobile are really fast in launching new content.

If this is going to come true, then prepare yourself to play COD: Mobile with the feel of COD: Black Ops II.


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