Can't wait! Apex Legends Presents New Weapon Named Havoc

GridGames.ID – This is good news for Apex Legends players because soon there will be a new weapon called Havoc.

The presence of Havoc can later be played today (20/02/2019) and you can immediately updates at the same time try this new weapon.

Previously made game Respawn This also makes the players curious by providing a little video clip about this new weapon on Twitter.

You could say this Havoc will be a weapon that will be sought after by many players, what is the reason?

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The reason is that the Havoc is a type weapon Assault Rifle which has an automatic mode and is certainly easy to use.

Havoc also has the disadvantage that it requires a lot of bullets because this weapon is quite wasteful.

This Havoc is ready to be present in the first Apex Legends map, namely: King’s Canyon, but it is not known which city prepared this weapon.

Hmm… I guess, there’s a further leak, right?

Unfortunately, Respawn has not provided details regarding this new weapon and updates this new weapon became the update first you know in Apex Legends.

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Apex Legends is a game battle royale free to play on PC, PlayStation 4, and XBox One.

Who can’t wait to try this new Havoc weapon in Apex Legends?


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