ASTRONEST - The Beginning v1.7.1 APK


ASTRONEST - The Beginning Discover uncharted planets and conquer interstellar factions in AstroNest: The Beginning, an epic space strategy game and civilization builder. Immerse yourself in a finely-tuned universe of incredible depth and balanced gameplay. Find out why AstroNest is widely acclaimed as one of the best franchises in sci-fi!
Play Astronest now and experience:
● A sci-fi universe of finely balanced gameplay and grand complexity. Collect resources, construct and upgrade your base, and conquer the galaxy!
● Extensive customization of your intergalactic fleet! Research strategic battle formations, weapon upgrades, alien technologies and TRONS to build the ultimate fighting force!
● Legendary heroes with a multitude of game-changing abilities and classes. Deploy a Cannon expert for your battleship fleet, or an Economist to govern your planets!
● Exciting multiplayer modes! Build an alliance network for daily skirmishes, go on exciting alien raids, or participate in massively global faction wars... in real-time!
● An impressive lineup of campaign missions, unlockables, achievements & titles!
● The spiritual successor to the browser-based classic, Astronest.

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