Astralis Becomes The First Esports Team To Go To The Stock Exchange

Team Astralis becomes the first esports team to be listed on the Danish stock exchange

Team Astralis becomes the first esports team to be listed on the Danish stock exchange – HLTV’s first-ranked CS:GO esports team, Astralis made an extraordinary breakthrough.

Astralis Group officially conducted an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in Denmark.

With this IPO, the Astralis team is officially listed on the Danish Nasdaq stock exchange.

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Astralis is also the first esports group to make this move.

At its first opening, Astralis offered 16,759,777 shares at a price per share of $1.33 or around Rp. 18,679.

The Astralis Group oversees 3 organizations: Astralis Gaming, Origen Gaming, and Future Gaming.

The three teams compete in 3 different tournaments: CS:GO, League of Legends, and FIFA / PES.

Not only available in Denmark, international investors can still buy Astralis shares through intermediary brokers.

With the steps taken by Astralis to be listed on the stock exchange, it further shows the potential of the Esports Industry.

In a report revealed by Newzoo, for example, the global esports industry revenue this year reached $1.1 billion.

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This value is up 26 percent from 2021 yesterday.

While the LOL World Championship competition became the competition with the most spectators, 2.9 million spectators.

With the rapid growth of the esports industry, Astralis is increasingly convinced to take this step.

Astralis Group CEO, Nikolaj Nyholm said that by taking the floor on the stock exchange, the market will be more open and educated about the existence of the esports business.

Astralis Group’s courage to take this step is also supported by the promising performance of its three esports teams.


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