After being Banned in India, PUBG Mobile Made This Latest Solution

GridGames.ID – PUBG Mobile seems to have to accept bad news because of the game battle royale this must be banned in several cities in India.

Even though PUBG Mobile itself is very famous and most of the players are in India, how come?

This is because many problems occur to the players that have a negative impact in the real world.

Previously, the PUBG Mobile team itself was silent about the case tire which is constantly spreading in India.

Since this incident, the PUBG Mobile team has finally opened up and promised something better for the future.

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“We appreciate the support and trust placed in us by our PUBG MOBILE players. While we strive to provide the best gaming experience to our fans.” said the PUBG Mobile team.

The PUBG Mobile team is currently focused on meeting the interests of parents, educators and beauties in India by listening to their complaints in order to improve the quality of PUBG Mobile in India.

Then, how will it go?

Furthermore, the PUBG Mobile team announced a solution to the problem that occurred in India by creating a new feature so that PUBG players will still be able to enjoy the game while being responsible.

“We are honored to have a community of PUBG MOBILE players in India and globally and continue to welcome feedback them to make PUBG MOBILE the best game ever!,” added PUBG Mobile.

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Unfortunately this new feature is still not clear how the system is and hopefully this feature can really help solve problems in India so that it doesn’t happen in India. banned.


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