About Jonathan TSM entities, identities, PUBG mobile stats and more

About Jonathan TSM entities, settings, PUBG mobile stats and more PUBG Mobile has become one of the most popular games in the world. Probably the most popular game in India. Of course, as professional players, they are also streamers and need to create game content for PUBG Mobile. In India, where there are many PUBG MOBILE players, of course, there are many really great players.

Jonathan “JONATHAN” Amaral is one of the biggest stars in the world of PUBG Mobile in India and arguably one of the best players in the world. Just yesterday at PMWL 2020, Jonathan won MVP in the second week of PMWL 2020 and achieved the most 33 kills in the second week.

This article describes Jonathan’s PUBG Mobile ID, statistics, settings and more.

Jonathan PUBG Mobile ID

Jonathan’s PUBG Mobile ID is 5112616229 and its in-game name is TSMentJONATHAN.

Here’s Jonathan’s stats for Season 14.

  • Having played 27 games so far, he has achieved 145 kills and a K / D ratio of 5.37.

Here’s Jonathan’s stats for Season 13 yesterday:

  • Played 247 games and achieved 1617 kills and a K / D ratio of 6.71.

Jonathan also uses an iPhone XR mobile phone to play using a gyroscope.

Jonathan and TSM Entity

Jonathan and TSM Entity Win PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) – Fall Split: South Asia 2019 and PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 – TSM Entity Also PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) – Spring Split 2020: South Asia Finals 2020. Yesterday In the PMIS 2020 Final, he achieved 27 kills and took 4460 damage.

Youtube streamer as Jonathan

Currently, Jonathan’s Youtube channel has 1.19 million subscribers. And he is one of the most famous PUBG Mobile players in the world and India. You can check the contents of PUBG Mobile on Youtube from here. This is also a link to his Instagram.

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