5 AoV Items Suitable for Life Steal Type Hero Counters

Arena Of Valor

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Arena Of Valor

GridGames.ID – MOBA games can be said to be a trend for gamers, where games with this genre are being played.

The MOBA game developed by Garena Indonesia is no exception, namely Arena of Valor or what we usually know as AoV.

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This time, GridGames wants to give tips about items that are suitable for usingcounter heroes with type life steals.

There are about 5 items that you can use for counter type hero Life Steals.

Kuy, just take a look at the explanation below.

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1. Curse Of Death

Curse Of Death - AOV

GridGames/ Teguh WIcaksana

Curse Of Death – AOV

This item added 100 physical attack your hero and add 10% Life Steal when your hero gives damage to the opponent.

Passive special abilities granted from Curse Of Death i.e. reduces the enemy target’s HP regeneration by 50% for 1.5 seconds, if this is triggered Attack Normally the duration is extended to 3 seconds.

This item is suitable for hero type Physical Attack with attack speed high because it has an effect Life Steals.

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2. Tome Of The Reaper

Tome Of The Reaper - AOV

GridGames/ Teguh Wicaksana

Tome Of The Reaper – AOV

This item has the ability to give 200 Magic Power and 500 Max HP on your hero.

The passive ability on this item is unique, “Soul Prisons” Passive designation on this item inflicts damage and reduces the target’s HP regeneration by 50% for 1.5 seconds, and if triggered by a normal attack the duration is extended to 3 seconds.

This item is very suitable for use when meeting a hero type Life Steal on heroes Magic Damage which requires more HP.

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3. Shield Of The Lost

Shield Of The Lost

GridGames/ Teguh Wicaksana

Shield Of The Lost

This item has the ability to add 360 physical defense and add 1200 max HP of your hero.

The uniqueness of this passive is to reduce attack speed from enemies around by 30%

This item is suitable for use on tank-type heroes, warriors or even with role support.

the ability possessed by this item is able to reduce attack speed on lifesteal-type opponents.

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4. Bow Of Slaughter

Bow Of Slaughter - AOV

GridGames.ID/ Teguh Wicaksana

Bow Of Slaughter – AOV

This item has many abilities, add 90 Physical Attack, 15% Critical Chance, as well as an additional 10% for Life Steals.

The passive uniqueness of this item is that it increases Life Steal up to 90% for 3 seconds, only used for hero type ranged or archer.

When back laner have direct access to give damage to an opponent of type life steal or meet face to face in a duel 1 on 1, this item is worth reckoning with.

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5. Tidecaller’s Mark

Tidecaller's Mark -AOV

GridGames/Teguh Wicaksana

Tidecaller’s Mark -AOV

This item has a fairly complete effect for an item used by support roles.

Tidecaller’s Mark got reduce 10% cooldown from skills you guys, add 30 Mana for every 5 seconds, add 250 Physical Defense, adds 500 Max HP and adds 5% movement speed.

The uniqueness of this passive item is that it provides additional HP regeneration of 20 HP for each of your team heroes around you.

The passive that is no less cool is to give AOE damage add 5% to your team and reduce damage enemy by 10%.

So, which of the 5 items above do you think is the most common in every match on AOV?


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