Sparkle Corgi Goes Cave Diving v1.0.1.43


Sparkle Corgi Goes Cave Divingis the game you didn't know you needed! Play as Sparkles, the adventurous, hat toting, shotgun-wielding Corgi as she battles her way through the sunken depths in search of hidden treasure!
Rappel your way down an endless tunnel and use your trusty shotgun to exterminate evil slimes, goblins, bats and more! Procedurally generated levels make sure every experience is different! Try to beat your high score as you descend deeper down the rabbit hole. Earn the golden bone and show off to your friends!
RAPPELER’S ROPE – You’re literally hanging on a thread! Don’t take too much damage or your ropin’ days will be at an end!
BIG WOOFY – Who doesn't like shotguns? Increase your range and firepower to show those bats who is the best dog!
BONE BADGES – The deeper you go, the greater the reward! Sparkle the Corgi is after the Rainbow Bone and only you can help her get it!
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