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Smash The SmileHave you ever thought, where smileys spend their time before will be added to any message? And if you thought that each one of them is very friendly, you were totally wrong.
In funny game Smash The Smile you'll visit the place where smileys spending their time and have a fun.
At the beginning you'll have only one type of smiley at your side, that will help you to fight off the bad smileys and collect scores to unlock new types of weapons with level progression.
Each smiley is individual and responds to the impact differently. For example, if you hit a happy one, it could turn to sad or start crying, or if it was sleepy one - get confused or get angry and attack you.
Each weapon has its own properties too. Like heavy one is almost 50 times heavier then standart and smashing everything on its way, or smile crusher that blows any smiley into pieces.
Test your reflexes in three different game modes: simple arcade, catapultation - complicated by catapults, and Dizzy, which one is really dizzy.

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