Prince Aladdin Runner v1.0.8 APK


The creators of the game Prince Aladdin Runner decided not to reinvent the wheel and go a proven by taking as a basis the popular story of the animated film Aladdin and combining it with the equally popular on mobile platforms, the game mechanics Rahner. The storyline is fully correspond to the original story, your task is to help the protagonist to save the princess and to become a prince, which of course will do is not easy. As you go you will meet almost all the villains from the cartoon that will hinder you in every way, but do not be discouraged in your way will be scattered bonuses and improve the ability to help you. 
In general, Prince Aladdin Runner runner with enough high-quality three-dimensional colorful graphics, simple controls and dynamic gameplay, made in the best traditions of the genre. This game will be a great complement to the collection Rahner.

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