Munchie Farm v1.0


Munchie Farmis a harvesting game with a delicious twist! In this world, all junk food has been banned by the overzealous Food Inspector Dick! It’s up to you to join the snack rebellion.
Go underground to grow munchies from a variety of insanely awesome plants, including Cookie Bushes, Nacho Trees, and even Wiener Bushes! Anything goes in Munchie Farm...just don't get caught!
Munchie Farm is a delicious free-to-play experience, so there’s never been a better time to dive in and discover the vibrant world that has our fans craving more!
* Grow junk food: in this world, guilty pleasures grow on trees!
* Take care of your munchie plants by watering, feeding, and swatting away wasps!
* Buy and sell your favorite snacks in your very own Munchie Mart!
* Unlock new munchie plants and upgrades!
* Expand your farm throughout the countryside!
* Hire farm workers and adopt animals like cows!
* Play and trade with your friendly neighbors on Facebook
* Connect with friends on Buddiebook!
* Fill orders for quirky characters and learn their stories!
* And so much more!...

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Download game Munchie Farm Rated for 3+

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