Miami Crime: Grand Gangsters v1.0.0 APK


Miami Crime: Grand Gangsters  a city that scares and fascinates. Attracts swirling money in it, hot beaches and beautiful girls, as well as alarming dangerous thugs and corrupt policemen.

Your story in this city begins with a big bank robbery, who will you become later? Can you hide with a million dollars? Or lose everything to save your own skin? What decision will you choose?

During the game you have to go through a difficult path, which will meet a variety of challenges, among which will be hijacking steep wheelbarrows, rare motorcycles, fights in the ghetto, shooting with hostile gangs, and robbery of jewelry stores, banks and even simple restaurants.

- Exciting unique story
- View from 3 persons
- Auto theft
- More than 20 types of transport
- Detailed and open world
- Realistic physics
- High level of graphics as in San Andreas
- Opportunity to open a business
- City in the style of Vice City
- More than 10 weapons
  • Screenshots
  • Official Trailer
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