Azerot v1.6 APK


Azeroth - a game in a fantasy setting, combines elements of a tactical real-time strategy elements in a series of games tower defense and action RPG. Because of this approach Azeroth rather difficult to attribute to any particular genre, and a variety of game elements even more difficult task. 
The gameplay is at first glance, is quite simple on the board in one large-scale battles converge to several tens of players and hundreds of units, driving his army is your task to defeat the opponent. But the reality is much more complicated, the game presents three great races, 12 characters, 10 types of troops, and more than 570 skills, which in practice leads to an infinite set of tactics and strategies. And the presence of magic only adds variety of options.
Support for installation on an external SD card: No.
Startup cache: no. 

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