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Juggernaut Revenge of Sovering - Here is the unique game for android, wherein colorful bloody battles. Fighting, falling to the enemy deadly spell power, attack his underwhelming combo attacks, use of tricks, use magical elixirs. However, the strongest and most formidable weapon will be your own intelligence is elected by the right tactics, defeat the most dangerous opponents! Very rich and versatile character development will not leave you indifferent. Develop the skills of your character, do not forget to get the legendary armor, learn the secrets of combat witchcraft! In the game you expect exciting activities on different topics: open the chests full of treasures, collect tribute, study slain monsters to find the vulnerability of their relatives, and protect civilians. Challenge the great evil that threatens to destroy the whole world!Exciting adventures and amazing atmosphere ardent battles using bladed weapons and magic await you in this truly revolutionary game! Choose your hero 

  • You can choose one of the five legendary warriors, each with unique abilities, their history and special weapons,
  • 12 types of armor,
  • A wide selection of items and weapons that change the appearance and capabilities of your character,
  • 4 schools of magic and 12 combat spells,
  • 30 levels of character development.

The original combat mechanics
  • Used to attack all the possibilities of interaction with the touch screen, press, slice and retention,
  • The original turn-based combat: use gradients, act quickly, at the moment of attack, make sure that the enemy is not looking at you,
  • Chilling "penalty" enemies,
  • 3 mini-game in combat: collect mana, the game on the memory and the fight against the "evil eye."

Fight for freedom Haradana
  • More than 100 horrific enemies,
  • Over 30 hours of breathtaking game
  • 15 unique locations, including forests, deserts and caves,
  • 5 special quests
  • 2 mini-game: find hidden treasures and breaking locks,
  • More than 50 available achievements,
  • Excellent 3D graphics.

Support for installation on the microSD: yes

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