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Imperium Welcome to the ruthless world of Imperium, THE GAME OF LIFE, a competitive real time strategy game, where freedom, power, injustice and violence reign supreme. Battle to build your empire, collect exotic Heroes, train your troops, you must conquer rival kingdoms to survive! Destroy all who stand in your way to total domination and make them pay back! Imperium will take you to witness an incredible journey of rise and destroy!
** Build & Customize Your Very Own Adventure Story **
Adapted from historic events, Imperium is an wilderness survival that will transport you into the world of 5 distinctive ancient civilizations’ myths and legends. You must lead brave warriors into these total war battles, conquer the world and prove your wonder tactics. Build a magnificent city, take part in strategic campaigns, grow your valiant army and boost your coffers by plundering loot. Strike in a new era of decisive conquests, fierce battles and heroic deeds!
** An Epic Story of Ancient Civilizations - It Is War! **
You are free to choose from 5 different civilizations, Egypt, Rome, China, Japan and Poland, with their respective geographical conditions and unique features. And all the legendary heroes of order and chaos, like King Arthur, Caesar, Alexander the Great, Ramesses, Lancelot…etc. They will be your infinity sword to conquer the events for destiny legendary!
** Age of Civilizations - Honor, Glory & Riches! **
Win rewards by achieving honor and glory in future fights, and go from rags to riches by managing your kingdom with wise fantasy war tactics. In a brilliant mix of fast-paced strategies and exciting invasion combats, Imperium is a game of epic civilization revolution and worldcraft! Of course every great empire also needs to prepare for impact - on this road of survival, you have to choose the right strategy to send your enemy’s army fleeing from their doomsday! ENDLESS gameplay, ENDLESS crashes, ENDLESS fun!
** Simcity Like City Building of Your King’s Empire **
As the commander of an independent civilization, you are expected to make strategic decisions on the construction of your city and the development of technology like Clash Of Clans. Take a wise use of time, minecraft and expand your empire and allies with farms, quarries, blacksmiths and more. Recruit an army of valiant knights, produce deadly weapons and armors to equip your merciless troops, use your leadership and send them to fight under your banner! You can build a great empire from gathering resources, recruit an army of heroes, and fight with fetal enemies to become the king of fighters!
** Hero Evolution - Train, Level-Up, Weapons & Gear Crafting **
Whether to defend your city against invasion or to expand your land, you can become an intrepid Lord and forge the strongest empire. You can collect a legion of heroes from all civilizations, customize Iron Knights to increase their power, weapons and skills, and train them to become mighty warriors. Build an invincible army, take down bosses, and lead your Guild of Honor to vainglory! Your empire is as strong as your creativity!
** Vivid Fantasy Empire Graphics **
The beautiful scenery and art in Imperium makes playing in this fantasy realm an epic war adventure. Explore an epic world in stunning, hi-definition 3D graphics. The superb graphics, compelling story and dynamic battles will have you hooked from the moment you start playing.
This medieval strategy game of war will transport you back to an age when power was everything and only the strongest survived. Don’t miss your chance to become legendary! Search Imperium on GooglePlay, download and claim the throne today! Game on!
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