Shadow Super Survival Mission v1.2.1 APK


Shadow Super Survival Mission  you have been chosen by the government for a top secret mission. Your previous record & extraordinary non-military services to the government in foreign lands made the selection very easy. You are the only agent with prior experience and all the skills required for this mission. Once again you will be sent to another country as secret agent, a spy. You would be dropped by a helicopter to that particular piece of land where this military secret operation has to be conducted. This military secret survival operation has a mission which is related to the security of the neighboring countries. Shoot the enemy men with the guns you snatch. Shoot as if there is no other war ground and this is your last fight. Shoot to kill the evil enemy. You got to fight with the terrorists and use a strategy to advance into their bunkers and units. They have lethal weapons and to use the weapons they have brutal brains. You will have sneak past cameras and take down guards in stealth mode. Escape the enemy and walk in the shadow. Use the guns which you snatch from enemy men. Weapons they have are fully loaded. These loaded weapons are best for you. Complete the super mission in time. Outrun their strength and outrun their brains. You are the super commando of the army. Military wants you to conduct this special mission. Shooting with guns is good if you aim the enemy accurate. 
Agent, you have to encounter their tricks through your stealth skills which you have been using in other missions for survival. Be brave and advance with planning. You got to jam their radars and use the technological skills you have to jam their computers. You have to be in the stealth mode. Keep the stealth mode on and walk in shadows. Walking in shadows is important to stay safe from the attacks. Escape from the enemy eye. Be like you have to be invisible for survival. Fight the enemies in their home and defeat them. Destroy their bunkers and the whole terrorist unit. This base acts as the mind for the bad men when they plan a terrorist activity. Sneak on them from their back and befall them. Escape from the enemy eye. Kill them or injure them. Snatch their weapons and use it against them. Sneak them when they are not expecting your presence. Do not appear in the CCTV cameras. The terrorist base is funded by our enemies and we have to accomplish the mission of destroying the military unit of them. You will have sneak past cameras and take down guards in stealth mode.
Hack the enemy servers and extract the information they have. We want the data. Attack the computers and accomplish this mission. Elimination of this terrorist gang is a must. This terrorist gang if not uprooted now would spread a great mischief in the world. Third world war has to be stopped and we have to bring the peace back. You are brave and skilled commando soldier. Commando soldiers are the strongest of all. Weapons like snipers, pistols, rifles, rpgs, and shot guns should be used at all times. Weapons like snipers, pistols, rifles, rpgs, and shot guns are from which this battle has to be won. This would be a bloody battle. The bloody battle of enemy. Our army has some secret missions of survival. 

Amazing immersive war environment
Real life sound effects
Challenging action packed missions
Chance to be the secret agent
One man show in the battle
Various weapons to use
Middle-east region for war
Chance to experience stealth mode
Strategy based on the levels.
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